• Huddersfield Philharmonic Orchestra

Lost in Space


  • John Williams Cantina Band (from Star Wars)
  • John Williams ET
  • Arthur Bliss March from Things to Come
  • Alexander Courage Theme from Star Trek
  • Ron Grainer Dr Who

and more music as yet undiscovered!

Space: the final frontier.

These are the concerts of the Huddersfield Philharmonic.

Its continuing mission: to explore (occasionally strange) new composers.

To seek out new musicand new audiences.

To boldly go where no orchestra has gone before!

Just at the same time that local actors Jodie Whittaker and Patrick Stewart have made worldwide news taking on or reprising roles of famous travellers in (time and) space, we programme a family concert that explores the far-flung corners of the galaxy. Was it a coincidence or did the planets of Huddersfield and Gallifrey really collide with the Enterprise on this occasion?

Space travel has inspired composers now regarded as mostly linked to the concert hall, as well as those who have worked in film or television. Our music includes John Williams (how could we not include some of his film music?), Sir Arthur Bliss – Master of the Queen’s Music who wrote for films as well as in the classical forms, and Ron Grainer, the composer of the Dr Who theme.

Thom Meredith joins the orchestra to take on the task of introducing these works to everyone and maybe getting some of you to join in. There may be competitions too!

Conductor: Robert Guy
Compere: Thom Meredith

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Huddersfield Town Hall
  • Lost in Space

  • February 10, 2019
  • Huddersfield Town Hall


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