• Huddersfield Philharmonic Orchestra
  • November 5, 2018


Rob says that he would like the full orchestra and extras to be available for the whole of both Town Hall rehearsals so that he has the flexibility to rehearse as he feels necessary. Please don’t forget to bring a music stand and if we all bring nice shiny silver stands it will look better.

Thursday 8th November:

Full orchestra and choir rehearsal 7.00pm to 9.45pm. All extra players needed please including full percussion brass, woodwind and horns plus organ and piano. Help is needed to get percussion gear into place and set the orchestra up at 5.30pm please and also to dismantle it at the end. We cannot leave anything there until Sunday as there is a big Remembrance concert on Friday night.

Saturday 10th November:

We will set up the orchestra at 10.00am for Sunday. There is not enough time on Sunday morning to fully set up so those who can join us to help on Saturday will be most welcome especially with percussion. There is no concert on Saturday night, as this was our original concert night, so things can be left overnight.

Sunday 11th November:

Get in at 9.00am but main orchestra does not need to arrive until just before 12.00pm. Soloists will meet with Rob at 10.00am followed by rehearsal with the chamber orchestra and youth choir at 10.30am. They then break at 12.00pm at which time the main choir and orchestra will set up on stage ready to continue with all forces at 12.15pm. The youth choir, chamber orchestra will leave, when they are not needed, leaving the choir and orchestra rehearsing until 2.00pm. The concerts starts at 3.30pm with the Britten: National Anthem followed by a speech by the Mayor with Rob speaking whilst she takes her seat. There will be no interval and we should finish approx. 5.15pm. The Old Court Room bar will be open at the end of the concert but please help with percussion gear first. All music should be left on the table backstage after the concert including any rehearsal copies normally at home.


Best wishes