• Huddersfield Philharmonic Orchestra
  • November 18, 2019

Rehearsal Notice 18/11/2019

Dear Orchestra – the following is Rita’s schedule towards 8th December HPC concert:


  • Please note that brass not required tomorrow
  • Rita not available on 26th November so Anna Hartmann will take rehearsal
  • Friday 6th December is full orchestra


19th November – Just Strings and Woodwinds (NO brass/perc/harp)

– if eventually Pete and Kara want to come to practice, that is alright, but I will not be working with them specifically


Champagne Song

Emperor Waltz

Die Feldermaus Overture


Merry Widow (version in F)


Work on passages from Pizzicatto Polka/Perpetuum Mobile/Vienna woods (Just Strings)



26th November – Tutti – (No harp? Up to Gordon)

Conductor Anna Hartmann

Blue Danube

Thunder and Lightnng

Tales of Vienna Woods


By Strauss

Radetzky March  – release Tuba

Emperor Waltz

Champagne Song

Pizzicato Polka



3rd December -Tutti WITH SOLOIST


19h30 Mozart

19h55 Merry Widow + Picc/2 Clr/ 2 Bsn + Trumpet + Timp

20h10 Champagne Song (???) All WW+ 3/4 Hn + Tbn + Perc

20h20 By Strauss Tutti

20h40 Break

21h00 Feldermaus Overture – releaseTuba

Emperor Waltz

Perpetuum Mobile



Friday 8th December – full orchestra

Read through all except songs with soloist in orchestration order

If there’s time in second half, Mozart + work with strings



Thank you,