• Huddersfield Philharmonic Orchestra
  • November 30, 2019

Rehearsal Notice 30/11/2019

Dear Orchestra


The rehearsal on Tuesday will start with the soloist items, probably for the first half. On Friday 6th we have a full rehearsal, at New North Road Baptist Church from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. The concert, on Sunday 8th starts at 2.30pm at Huddersfield Parish Church, with a short play through from 12.00noon to 1.30pm. When arriving at the Parish Church please do not use the front door as the congregation will be exiting from the morning service. Use instead the side door, near the Keys entrance, up the ramp. If you meet congregation, on your way in, please allow them space for their after service social and even suggest they might come to the concert if you engage with them. Concert dress is black bottom and single coloured top with Christmas attachments as appropriate. Don’t forget music stands.


When arriving at the Parish church we need to fetch the wind risers from upstairs and all the chairs from the chair store. There are 12 risers and we will need 10 of them, maybe 11, which I cannot do on my own. It needs a team of us to get them downstairs and put back after the concert as with the chairs please.


There  are full orchestra rehearsals on Tuesdays December 10th and 17th, for the February concert, and I will email details next Sunday evening.


I must have all the music returned after Sunday’s concert which can be left, in appropriate piles, on the front row after the concert. Some of it is required for a Square Chapel Orchestra concert and so must be returned.


Below is the concert order for Sunday:


1. Tales of the Vienna Woods – 12 mins,

2. Thunder and Lightning Polka – 3 mins

3. Parto, parto – most substantial vocal item – 7 mins (with soloist)

4. Emperor Waltz – 11 mins

5. Pizzicato Polka – 3 mins

6. Merry Widow – 6 mins  (with soloist),

(total 42 mins)


7. Fledermaus Overture – 9 mins

8. Champagne Polka/Aria – 3 mins (with soloist)

9. Perpetuum Mobile – 3 mins

10. Gershwin – By Strauss – 3 mins

11. Blue Danube Waltz – 10 mins

12. Radetzky March – 5 mins

(total 33 mins)


Best wishes