• Huddersfield Philharmonic Orchestra
  • October 15, 2018

Rehearsal Schedule Update 14/10/2018

Dear orchestra – following Tuesday’s rehearsal Rob has firmed up the schedule towards our November 11th concert.

  • Tuesday 16th October:          Full rehearsal, to go through the December programme, with Nick Simpson. There are then only four more rehearsals, from 13thNovember, before the concert.
  • Tuesday 23rd October:          Britten movements 2 and 6 with full orchestra including full brass and horns. This will be a staggered rehearsal with different break times to allow for more detailed sectional work on the important brass/horns bits and string bits in these two movements. Rob will work through.
  • Tuesday 30th October:          Rob has asked me to canvass the orchestra to see who will be attending on 30th October with it being Kirklees schools’ half term break. Please respond asap to: david@djsrobinson.org.uk if you cannot attend. If you can attend then you don’t need to respond. This will then give Rob a clearer idea as how this rehearsal will pan out which he will clarify on 23rd October.
  • Thursday 8th November:      Full rehearsal of the Britten National Anthem and War Requiem, with all forces, at Huddersfield Town Hall 7.00pm to 9.45pm. including Huddersfield Choral Society and Children’s Choir. This is for all brass, horns, woodwind, percussion, strings, organ and piano.
  • Sunday 11th November:       Get on stage at 12.00pm to start rehearsal as soon as possible. We will commence with No. 6 as this is the only movement to include the chamber orchestra, soloists and Children’s Choir. The chamber orchestra and soloists will be rehearsing until 12.00pm and leave after No. 6 has been rehearsed. The concert starts at 3.30pm and should finish about 5.15pm.

Best wishes