• Huddersfield Philharmonic Orchestra
  • April 1, 2019

Rehearsal Schedule Update 20190401

Dear Orchestra – please print this out for reference


Please note that the schedule for the next two Tuesdays follows the same pattern as the last two with Nick perhaps wishing to go on a little after 9.30pm if the need arises because of the difficulties in the Glazunov and Stravinsky. On 9th April we will break at 8.25pm to start the Stravinsky at 8.40pm perhaps going onto 9.35pm, or so, making it more worthwhile for the extra players involved:


2nd April          7.30pm: Respighi                8.45pm: Glazunov           

9th April          7.30pm: Shostakovich       8.40pm: Stravinsky 


The movement order for the Stravinsky will be:  II,  IV,  VII,  I,  III,  VI,  VIII (omitting V).  If you want to use post it notes, or similar to help, then do so but please do not damage the parts any more than they are already in so doing.


The proposed order, which will help in advising additional players, for the Saturday rehearsal May 11th 2.00pm to 5.00pm, is as follows:

2.00pm: Glazunov,   2.40pm: Respighi,   3.20pm: interval,   3.35pm: Shostakovich   and 4.15pm: Stravinsky

The concert order is: Stravinsky, Shostakovich, interval, Glazunov & Respighi


The Stravinsky will be performed with the wind players occupying the string seats. Nick says: the string chairs can be left in situ, with the clarinets/saxes sitting as if they were the 1sts (with Sara in the leader’s chair), trumpets where the 2nds normally sit, trombones in the viola seats and the solitary bass on my right or to stand with the kit/harp/piano/guitar (at the back).   I will identify the necessary concert day stage movements nearer the time.


Best wishes