• Huddersfield Philharmonic Orchestra
  • May 9, 2019

Reheasal Update 09/05/2019

Dear Orchestra – the rehearsal schedule for Saturday will be:


11th May        2.00pm: Glazunov              2.40pm: Respighi,               3.20pm interval

           3.35pm: Shostakovich       4.15pm to 5.00pm: Stravinsky


Pete will be bringing his percussion instruments to the Town Hall at 11.30am so any help will be appreciated.


The movement order for the Shostakovich is:  II, IV, VII, I, III, VI, VIII (no V).  Please use post-it notes, or similar, to help if necessary. The Shostakovich rehearsal will finish at 4.10pm. Those not in the Stravinsky should leave the stage as soon as possible please. As it will be performed with the wind players occupying the string seats. The string chairs will be left in situ (i.e. not moved), with the clarinets/saxes sitting as if they were the 1st violins with Sara in the leader’s chair. Trumpets will go where the 2nd violins normally sit, trombones in the viola seats and the solitary bass on the right or to stand with the kit/harp/piano/guitar (at the back).  The concert will start with the Stravinsky after which all players leave stage before full orchestra comes on for the Shostakovich.


Downstairs changing rooms are Meeting Room, 1 for gents, and Meeting Room 3, for ladies, with interval refreshments served in the Mayor’s Reception Room.


After the concert please leave all music and blue folders back stage, in piles, and then please help Pete with percussion instruments and Gordon with his keyboard.


Over the weekend I will fill all blue folders with the June concert music for the rehearsal with Rob next Tuesday.


14th & 21st May  7.30pm: will be a play through of 29th June concert programme, with Rob, and will be full orchestra at the start of each rehearsal with the Bach and Palladio to finish each rehearsal. We are performing the original version of ‘An American in Paris’ costing us £260 to hire but won’t have this until June 4th. The extra players will therefore not be needed until then. Please note that there is no rehearsal on 28th May and Rob will issue a detailed rehearsal schedule for June 4thonwards.


Best wishes